4 Tips for Driving in the Snow


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Driving in the snow probably isn’t your idea of fun. Most people just want to get from one place to another when they head out onto the roads, and snow can make it difficult – or impossible – to make your journey. Terry Auto Outlet offers some commonsense tips on how to make driving in the snow a little less intimidating. 


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Don’t Push It

Our first tip for driving in the snow isn’t really a tip about driving at all – it’s just an idea to stay home if you can. If you don’t have to drive in the snow, just keep your car in the driveway or garage and find something to do around the house for the day. Sure, this isn’t always going to be a possibility, but some people may be able to work from home or make other arrangements to just stay in. The roads can be a mess during a snow event, so it might feel good just to take it easy and avoid the hassle altogether. 


Plenty of Margin

You should not drive the same way in the snow as you do when the roads are clear and dry. In other words, if you are following the car in front of you at the same distance in the snow as you do any other time, you are following too close. Give that car, and yourself, some extra room to work with given the slippery and unpredictable conditions. Also, slow down from your usual speed to provide yourself with more reaction time if something unexpected happens. 


Be Prepared

With any luck and careful driving, you will hopefully arrive at your destination as expected. That outcome is a bit less certain in the snow, however, so bring some supplies with you in case an issue comes up along the way. Consider bringing a little bit of food, some water, warm clothes, and a blanket. Even if you are only driving in a city, it’s possible to be stranded for a while – and emergency services might be busy dealing with other cars having similar trouble. 


Adjust Your Route

This is an important point – if at all possible, adjust your intended route to avoid spots that are likely to be troublesome on a snowy day. For instance, if your typical commute to work includes going up a steep street, take a look at the map before you head out to see if any better options are available. Generally speaking, when driving in snowy conditions, you want to pick well-traveled routes that are as flat as possible. The added traffic of main roads might slow you down a bit, but all those cars are going to be gradually clearing the snow and driving conditions should be a bit better than on the side streets and back roads. Stay safe out there.

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