5 Tips to Get the Best Gas Mileage from Your Car

The gas mileage you get from your vehicle on a week to week basis is going to depend largely on the make and model that you purchase. With that said, there are some things you can do to optimize your gas mileage, even without changing your vehicle. If you’d like to squeeze a few more MPG out of your car or truck, consider these tips. 

#1 – Lighten Your Load
In the pursuit of better gas mileage, start by keeping weight to a minimum in your vehicle. The heavier the load that your engine has to pull, the harder it will work, and the faster your gas is consumed. You may need to transport heavy things from time to time, but don’t just let them sit in the vehicle longer than necessary. Getting rid of extra weight is a quick shortcut to fuel savings. 

#2 – Optimal Tire Pressure
One easy point to overlook concerning gas mileage is tire pressure. If your tires aren’t fully inflated, rolling resistance will increase, and again your engine will need to work harder to move you down the road. Of course, you also don’t want overinflated tires, as that comes with its own set of problems. So, in the end, aim for optimal tire pressure as advised in your owner’s manual and on the side of your tires. 

#3 – Drive Responsibly
Good driving habits can also help you save on fuel. For one thing, don’t stomp on the gas pedal as soon as the light turns green. In addition to being a potentially dangerous way to drive, this can also waste fuel. Instead, accelerate at a smooth, even rate until you bring the vehicle up to speed. Likewise, there is no need to charge hard up to a stoplight or stop sign, only to brake at the last minute. Do your best to drive smoothly whenever possible and you should reduce fuel usage. 

#4 – Keep Up with Maintenance
It’s easy to fall behind on recommended maintenance for your vehicle, but doing so can lead to lowered efficiency and higher fuel consumption. Keep up with the schedule in your owner’s manual to optimize performance and maintain MPG numbers for as long as possible moving forward.

#5 – Upgrade when the Time is Right
If your vehicle is quickly losing efficiency and it doesn’t seem like any maintenance is making it better. The time may be right to just go with a new model. Modern vehicles often run far more efficiently than older models, so you may be surprised to find just how much you save at the pump. When shopping for your next vehicle, be sure to keep gas mileage concerns near the top of your priority list.

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