Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Resale Value Up

When you buy a car, you probably aren’t thinking of it as an investment. After all, cars are notorious for losing a large percentage of their value quite quickly, so spending money on a car should be about what it can do for you on a daily basis first and foremost. With that said, your car should retain some of its value over the years, so it’s usually possible to get value out of it when you are ready to move on – perhaps enough to make the down payment on your next vehicle. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the basic steps you can take to protect the resale value of your vehicle. When you are ready to shop for the best used cars Lynchburg has to offer, come see Terry Auto Outlet VA right away.  

Start with Maintenance 

One of the first things a prospective buyer is going to want to know about your vehicle is whether or not it has had all of its scheduled service visits over the years. This starts with oil changes, but it goes beyond to include other kinds of service, as well. If you do a good job of keeping up with maintenance as the years go by, you’ll be in good shape when you decide to sell. Do your best to keep records of the service you have performed so you can prove that the work has been done, if asked.  

Keep It Clean 

To keep your vehicle on track to hold value over the years, do your best to keep it clean on a day to day basis. It might not seem like a big thing to leave some trash laying around, or to let the carpets get dirty, but those little things add up over time. Try to get into the habit of cleaning any trash out of the car each night when you get home. Also, set a schedule of vacuuming out the vehicle maybe once a month – or even once a week if you drive a lot and tend to track dirt into the vehicle. While the mechanical side of the vehicle may be more important in terms of value, potential buyers are always impressed when they look inside and see a clean interior.  

Good Driving Habits 

The way you drive your car is also going to have an impact on its value. If you do things like accelerate aggressively or stop hard by slamming on the brakes when you approach a light, you’ll wear down the vehicle faster than you would with more conservative driving techniques. Think about the needs of the vehicle while you are driving and try to treat it with respect. There will be occasions when you need to take immediate action to avoid a collision, of course, but driving smoothly whenever possible is the best practice 

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You don’t need to obsess over the long-term value of your vehicle to the point that you can’t enjoy it as you drive around town. By taking some simple steps and getting into some good habits, you should be able to maintain value while still getting what you need out of the car in the moment. And when you’re ready to trade it in, visit Terry Auto Outlet VA at 2828 Candlers Mountain Rd. to get the most value for your car or call (434) 386-8439 for an appraisal. 

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