How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

It’s always exciting to see the calendar work its way out of winter and into spring. The weather will gradually warm up as spring arrives, and many people will start making fun plans for the summer. You may be busier in the spring and summer than you were in the winter, as well, so it’s important to have your vehicle ready to go. With this post, we’d like to offer some basic tips on how to prepare your car for the months ahead. 

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Clean It Out

This is an easy place to start. After a long winter, you might find that a few things have accumulated in your vehicle that don’t need to be there any longer. That extra coat you had tossed in the back seat? It can probably come out for the summer. The same can be said for your boots, and maybe a scarf. Whatever may have been stored in the vehicle during the colder weather can be brought back into the house. Also, clear out any trash that is sitting in the car and wipe down all the surfaces to freshen it up.

Have the Oil Changed

Another easy point that can have a big impact. If you are due for an oil change, which you probably will be if you didn’t have the oil changed during the winter months, stop by your local service shop to have the work completed. On most vehicles, an oil change will only take a short amount of time, and you may not even need an appointment. This is one of the most important pieces of ongoing preventive maintenance you can provide to your vehicle, so don’t make the mistake of skipping this step.

Give It a Wash

It’s often the case that your vehicle will be a little dirtier coming out of the winter than it would be otherwise. If you’ve been driving in the raining conditions that might have occurred off and on during the winter, plenty of dirt will have made its way up onto your car as you splashed around town. A thorough washing – either by hand at home or at a commercial car wash – will bring back its shine.

Address Any Issues

Do you have any warning lights illuminated on your dash? Are you hearing any odd sounds coming from under the hood? Are the brakes shaking the car a bit each time you slow down? If anything seems out of the ordinary with your vehicle, have it addressed by a professional technician before driving too much further. By taking care of these issues now, you’ll hopefully be able to head out on plenty of summer adventures knowing your vehicle is up to the task.

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