5 Engine Noises that Require Immediate Attention

Even if you are not a car expert, you probably know what your vehicle sounds like as it runs. You can’t help but get familiar with its standard running noise as the miles add up. So, when you hear something that sounds new, you may get a little worried. But is that new noise something to be concerned about? Let’s take a closer look.

Engine Knocking

While the sound an automobile engine makes will vary from model to model, you don’t want to hear any ‘knocking’ as you drive along. Ideally, the engine will make a relatively even, consistent sound, ramping up as the revs climb, only to drop back down again when going up a gear. If you hear knocking coming from under the hood, visit your mechanic for assistance.

Is Something Sizzling?

This isn’t technically an engine noise, but it is important nonetheless. If you hear a sizzling sound coming from under the hood after you have turned off the engine, there is a good chance you have a leak. That hissing noise you hear is the leaking fluid coming into contact with your hot engine. Again, the best course of action is to seek professional assistance right away.

A Popping Sound

When you hear a popping sound coming from the engine compartment, you probably won’t need too much convincing to take your vehicle in for repairs. This sound can be quite disconcerting, and even someone without any automotive training will likely understand that a problem is at hand. Turn the issue over to your mechanic to have the problem diagnosed and corrected as soon as possible.

Clicking Noises

You probably know that engine oil is an important part of the way your vehicle runs (assuming you have a gas or diesel engine). If you hear a clicking noise, which could also be described as a tapping noise, you might be running low on engine oil. When you hear this sound, think back to the last time you had an oil change. Has it been a while? If you are overdue for new oil, have that work completed right away and you may find that the clicking issue resolves itself.

A Nasty Squeal

Perhaps one of the most off-putting engine noises to deal with is a squealing belt. If one of the belts in your engine compartment is loose, it may start to slip, and an unpleasant chirping or squealing noise will be the likely result. As belts are an important part of the way many engines operate, you’ll want to again have this issue examined as soon as possible. Not only will you feel good knowing that your engine has been cared for once the maintenance is complete, you will also enjoy driving your vehicle without having to listen to that annoying sound.

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