5 Money-Saving Driving Tips

 Who doesn’t love to save money? Driving is a large expense for many people, between the cost of the vehicle and additional items like gas and maintenance, so cutting back on those costs can provide some welcome relief. With the five tips listed below, we hope to make your driving experience a little more affordable. 

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Buy the Right Vehicle

Saving money while driving starts when picking out your vehicle. If you opt for a model that gets good gas mileage, you’ll save each time you stop at the pump – or, more accurately, you’ll save money by stopping at the pump less frequently. While gas prices go up and down, using less fuel is something that will always add up to savings. And, at the same time, you’ll be doing a favor to the environment by burning less fuel mile after mile. 

Stay Ahead of Maintenance

You might not think of vehicle maintenance as a money-saving venture since you have to pay to have that maintenance completed. However, keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle can easily save you money in the long run, as that maintenance could help your vehicle stay healthy and out of the repair shop. 

Take a Smart Route

Using a navigation system, either in your car or on your phone (hands-free while driving, of course), can help minimize your time on the road and cut down on fuel usage. It’s impossible to know what traffic conditions are like along your route without putting technology to use, so get into the habit of using a navigation system to your advantage. 

Carpool if Possible

It might not feel like it, but you are actively spending money each time you run your vehicle. You are burning fuel, of course, but you are also wearing down your car and getting closer to your next maintenance visit. If you commute to work on a daily basis, consider the possibility of carpooling with a co-worker so both of you can save money. As an added benefit, you may be able to take advantage of some carpool lanes along your route, shaving a bit of time off the overall trip. 

Get Every Possible Mile

Replacing a vehicle prematurely is an easy way to spend more money than necessary for transportation. If your current vehicle is still running nicely and getting good gas mileage, don’t make a change just because you see some shiny new options on a nearby dealer lot. There will be plenty of pretty new cars and trucks on sale when the time comes that you do need to replace your current model – don’t be in a hurry to spend that money prematurely. Get all the mileage you can out of your car while it is running nicely and make a purchase when the time comes that a replacement is required. 

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